Migration – Spring Is On Its Way

Spring Is On Its Way

Spring Is On Its Way

As I was waking, I heard the Blue Jays chattering outside my window this morning. Their conversation was markedly different from just a few short days ago. I lingered under the covers for some time, savoring the moment. After all, the noisy birds were announcing such good news. They celebrated the end of a relentless winter and proclaimed that spring would soon arrive. 

I began to think about Bud and Lydia, the nesting pair of Sandhill Cranes that reside in my backyard. I wondered how far they had traveled on their Northward journey and hoped they had not experienced any difficulties. I made an attempt to telepathically tell them not to rush home. Though the snow has begun to thaw, it is still deep enough that there will be little food available..

I pondered what wakes an animal from its winter slumber. Or, precisely what tells a bird to leave its warm, comfortable winter home in the South? To travel countless miles, often through brutal weather conditions, only to arrive in the less hospitable North, seems quite absurd. Yet, I would be tempted to disregard the internal niggling if it were me. I would, without thought, hit the snooze button! I would sleep a little longer or remain in the warmth of the Southern sun.

It occurred to me then! How often have I ignored my own internal knowing? How often have I hit the snooze button when something inside has told me to get up, get moving, or start anew? How often did I stay in the comfort of the sunshine when I knew I was being called to run through the cold rain? Too numerous to count, I am sure.

Spring is nearly here, and I can hardly wait. It is the season that inspires hope and encourages one to dream. It is time to plant seeds, nurture them, and watch them grow. It is the time that we are reminded to listen to our inner knowing and, like the migrating bird, move forward without reason or hesitation.


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Bud & Lydia Meet Thin

Bud & Lydia Meet Thin

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