Lakehouse Photo Gallery

Lakehouse Photo Gallery is owned and operated by photographer Gail Howarth. The gallery is open by appointment. Please message Gail at

Gifts range from $2.00 and up. 

Address:  4581 Holton Whitehall Road, Holton, Michigan 49425

Gail Howarth/Photographer 

Gail Howarth Photographer

Gail Howarth Photographer

Gail is a landscape photographer. She seeks to capture the “soul or story” of a thing whether it is an old rusty car, a majestic sunset, or an interesting character she meets along the way.

Gail will have deeply discounted closeout items, bookmarks, cards, calendars (seasonally), matted/sleeved items, framed, metal, and canvas prints. 

See examples of Gail’s work at

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